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About DataOil

DataOil is designed to provide solutions for the oil & gas industry. We provide data on more than 100 variables that helps in the decision making process of the Exploration & Production Companies. We provide data for the most difficult regions for which data collection and interpretation can be an impediment in the investment decision across those regions. The data collected goes through a 3 stage process to maintain consistency and accuracy across datasets and provide the most accurate and clean data to our clients.

We are committed to provide E&P Analytics & Economics along with insights to equip our clients with data driven decision making before investing in different geographies across the world. The E&P Economics includes economic analysis and models that provide the present valuation of assets and assessment of producing and planned field developments. Moreover, we also provide customized datasets along with economic analysis and modelling on demand. We provide an online subscription platform ranging from a single asset with customized parameters to a fully fledged dashboard of all the Oil & Gas assets across the continents.

The factsheet contains a brief overview of the Oil & Gas industry of each country in a nutshell. The fact sheet can be used to get an idea about the existing state of affairs in the O&G sector of a particular country. Also, the key figures and taxation policy give a brief idea for investment in the sector.

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Information about few assets have been provided to get an idea about the different parameters we are providing to our clients to help them in the decision making process. The list is not exhaustive and can be provided on demand.

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